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With sadness, our little school will be closing permanently on 31st August 2017

Pupil Premium

 Pupil Premium 2016-2017

Due to the school's current situation it is unable to publish a statement of spend for the current financial year.


Pupil Premium 2015-16 Allocation

We ensure that teaching and learning opportunities meet the need of all pupils who belong to vulnerable groups.


When we allocate provision for socially disadvantaged pupils we recognise that not all pupils who receive free school meals (FSM) are disadvantaged and that not all pupils who are socially disadvantaged qualify for free school meals.


At Drax CP School the expenditure of the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) may be used to reduce class sizes, provide small group work, one to one lessons and support for pupils in class lessons from trained Teaching Assistants.


As Drax CP School is situated in an isolated rural community the Governors and Headteacher also place great importance on using PPG to enable our vulnerable groups access to wider educational experiences, which enrich their lives, promote health and well-being and improve their self-esteem and confidence.


The current Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) is £900 per child.

We have been allocated £18,480 of pupil premium funding



Barriers to Learning


Education Endowment Fund Link


(to be measured termly by work scrutiny and tests outcomes)

TA hours to deliver interventions

Communication skills and basic maths strategies


Fine motor-control



One to one tuition

££££ *** +1 month

In KS2 100% of pupils in Y6 met he expected standard.

Pupils are making better than expected progress in all subjects from their starting points.

Residential Visit

Self confidence / resilience


Outdoor Adventure Learning

£££ ** +3 months


Contribution to

1-1 Computing equipment


Access to appropriate and effective computing equipment to meet the needs of all learners and fulfil curriculum requirements.


Digital Technology

£££ **** +4 months


In progress

Release of the Head Teacher 1 day per week to work with individual pupil  and small groups


See above.

£9, 079

One-to-one tuition

££££ **** +5 months


Small group tuition

£££ ** +4 months

Pupils made accelerated progress in all subjects (see data in GB minutes)



£16, 119









PPG 2014-2015

We have been allocated £20,700 of pupil premium funding



Link to SDP


Education Endowment Fund Link


(to be measured termly)

Additional TA hours to deliver interventions

To raise progress and attainment in Maths



One to one tuition

££££ **** +5 months

100% of PP pupils have made accelerated progress in Maths (4APS+) since December when the interventions started.

Residential Visit



Outdoor Adventure Learning

£££ ** +3 months

Pupil relationships are stronger and and there is a ‘unity’ within Y6. Less confident pupils are also demonstrating more self confidence in their ability.

Phonics resources

To develop phonics and reading



£ **** +4months


Phonics can now be taught daily throughout school.

100% of pupils are currently meeting or exceeding end of year age Related Expectations. Progress in reading 2014-15 is good or better in 5/7 year groups and is at satisfactory in2 year groups. This has had a positive impact on the pupils’ cumulative progress over time, with 6/7 cohorts now demonstrating at least expected progress from the start of the current Key Stage.

Additional 0.6 teacher to facilitate small classes to enable focus on the individual’s needs

To raise attainment and progress in all three core subjects

£16, 119

Reducing class size

£££££ ***+3 months

Pupils in 100% of cohorts are currently meeting or exceeding End of Year Age Related Expectations (May 2015); this is 87% in writing and 100% in maths.

In year progress demonstrates that 71% of cohorts have made good or better progress in reading; 87% in wring and 100% in maths.

Reading Comprehension and Mental Maths resources

To raise attainment and progress in reading and maths


Reading Comprehension Strategies

£ ****+5 months

See above data.



£20, 647





PPG 2012-2013


PPG expenditure



Reducing class sizes in Key Stage 2 (mornings)



  • Greater adult/pupil interaction
  • Pupils receive more support in Literacy & Numeracy
  • Pupil progress improves

Reading Intervention



  • Individual mentoring to raise standards

Reading Resources



  • Improved, levelled reading resources in Key Stage 2

Numbers Count training


  • Raises Maths subject leader’s ability to  conduct diagnostic assessments, produce lesson plans & deliver 1-1 lessons to close the gaps in individual pupil’s learning

Numbers Count intervention


  • Raise pupil confidence in Numeracy
  • Raise standards in Numeracy

Numeracy Resources


  • Improved  maths resources across the school

Football After School Club


  • Free access to an After School Club , which contributes to their health & well-being

Key Stage 2 musical instrument lessons


  • Free access to class/small group music lessons, providing an opportunity to develop musical skills



PPG 2011-2012


PPG expenditure



Reading intervention



  • Individual mentoring to raise standards

First Class @ number training


  • HLTA trained in delivering maths intervention programme


First Class @ Number intervention


  • Raised pupil confidence in Numeracy
  • Raised standards in Numeracy
  • 9-24months progress achieved

Key Stage 2 musical instrument lessons


  • Free access to music lessons, to provide opportunities to develop musical skills

Sporting Activities


  • Free access to swimming lessons, providing  pupils with the opportunity to develop life skills, which contribute to their health & well-being
  • Free access to an After School Club ,  to contribute to their health & well-being

School Trips/ Residential Visit


  • Free access to educational visits , to enhance the pupils’ curriculum experience
  • Free access to a residential educational visit, to promote self-esteem, self-confidence, health & well-being and team building skills, through a range of sporting activities


 To download our pupil premium document for 2014-2015, click here.

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